Gazebo Assembly

Below, we have provided easy-to-follow instructions on the correct method for gazebo assembly and disassembly:

  1. Place your Gazebo on a level ground.
  2. Pull your Gazebo out diagonally. Doing this, stretch the frame until it is fully extended and the top fabric is taut
  3. Each one of the four leg supports will have a slide lock with a button near the top of each of them. With this in mind, move them upwards until they lock in place. Finally, repeat the process on the remaining supports
  4. Slide the adjustable leg supports of your gazebo downwards until they lock in place. Then, repeat the process on the remaining legs. Keep in mind, they can be adjusted to three separate positions each for varying heights

Gazebo Assembly Warning:

We strongly advise that you do not use your gazebo in unfavourable weather. However, if you do so, please heed the following:

  • Attach or prop up the gazebo with heavy weighted items such as sandbags
  • There are support strings located in the eyelets in the cloth at each support leg. Knowing this, pull them towards the ground until they are taut
  • Connect the metal pegs to the strings. Then, secure them to the ground by hammering or pounding them with a hammer or rock

It’s generally recommended to follow all three steps if there is undesirable weather at the time of assembly.

Warning:  To disassemble your Gazebo after use, repeat the steps in reverse order to prevent possible damage to the gazebo.


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